EBRD AM23 Samarkand

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Expanding our design reach to Central Asia, we once again travelled with The EBRD to assist with the design and logistics of their 2023 Annual Meeting and Business Forum.

Our task was to bring the meetings look and feel to the incredible venue in Samarkand, applying the vibrant look & feel over signage, wayfinding and digital applications.

AM23 Samarkand Main 1
AM23 Samarkand Main 2
AM23 Samarkand Main 3
AM23 Samarkand Main 4
AM23 Samarkand Main 5

Working with local suppliers is incredibly important to the bank, and always a great experience for us as a company. Their hard work and dedication ensures everything looks as we planned it over that past 6 months.

AM23 Samarkand Main 17
AM23 Samarkand Main 7
AM23 Samarkand Main 8
AM23 Samarkand Main 9

Whilst sponsor stands are a key offering for supporters of the event, their impact both environmentally and visually has previously been limited. For 2023 we created a new concept for the stands, from initial sketches and 3D designs, through to the production and instillation.

By using solid wood beams of the same thickness for the structure and leaving the wood untreated we reduced the use of paint and minimised the amount of manafacturing needed. This also meant creating stands that could be dissasembled and the materials easily reused for future projects.

AM23 Samarkand Main 10
AM23 Samarkand Main 11
AM23 Samarkand Main 13
AM23 Samarkand Main 12

The Congress Center itself has an integrated digital signage system which we were able to utilise for the event rooms and offices.

This allowed us to again reduce the printed materials needed whilst simultaneously enhancing the information we could provide for attendees live as the conference took place.

AM23 Samarkand Main 14
AM23 Samarkand Main 16
AM23 Samarkand Main 15

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