Creating, shaping and evolving brands.

We believe in community. We’re driven by the notion that what unites us is always more powerful than what divides us.

Our thoughtful approach builds on that philosophy. It champions clarity and drives engagement across your brand community to keep you connected to the people that matter.

What we do

Brand creation
Bringing new brands into the world relies on unearthing their unique essence. Whether its your product, personality or opinion, we’ll find that point of difference and grow it into a distinct, desirable and multidimensional brand.

Brand refresh & brand evolution
Over 25 years’ experience in branding gives us the expertise to judge whether a timely tweak or extensive overhaul is required. Breathing new life into a struggling brand is a rewarding experience for designer and client alike.

Event branding & logistics
We have extensive experience with large scale event branding and logistics, including print and installation, both in the UK and internationally.

Website & digital design
Whether it’s part of a full identity project, a standalone website, or reimagining your existing site, we can help. From wireframes and UX to development and launch, we deliver all elements of the process.

This is us

PLU About Mark 1

Mark McConnachie

Creative Director

Keen photographer
Early morning HIIT classes
Long bike rides
Football club volunteer

PLU About Craig 3

Craig Palmer


A thinker, a doer
A collector of independent magazines
Proud Brummie
A cyclist
A National Trust member
A keen photographer


Ali McConnachie


A designer who can actually draw and paint
Calm, considerate, conscientious
A people person
A lover of art
A Schitt’s Creek obsessive

PLU Website Images About Simon

Simon Davies

Independent Developer

The mind
The nothing is too much trouble
A blue
A lover of food
A home brewer

Here, there and everywhere